I need help finding a trustworthy BitCoin payment gateway plugin for WordPress WooCommerce

I Need Help Finding A Trustworthy BitCoin Payment Gateway Plugin For WordPress WooCommerce. Preferably free :smiley:

The ones I keep on finding have bad reviews saying funds are going to an unknown wallet, etc.

So far BitPay & GoURL seems to be the most reputable.

That is a pretty specific request I must say… but check out CoinGate. Not sure if it is free (looks like it), but I know a person who uses it and has had no issues with it so far.

Haha, it sure is, but I was hoping maybe just one person here may know a little something in regards to this. We have some web developers on here who manage who knows how many websites, and anyone of those may be running WooCommerce since its the most popular ecommerce plugin on WordPress :smiley:

Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion. Ill take a look :smiley:

Not to mention that it was acquired by Automattic - the creators of WordPress :slight_smile:

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Exactly :smiley: I absolutely love WooCommerce. There is so much documentation on it, and who knows how to program a theme, or plugin for WordPress better than WordPress themselves :smiley: