I need ideas: how rise followers without follow/unfollow


Hi all!
I have a client that wants rise the number of followers (he has 15k and 0 follow ), but he don’t want follow people.
How do i can rise his followers? Exists some likegate or contest platform to do it?


Well, if the easy way is not available, you kinda just have to provide quality content.


It was easy, but people doesn’t like the profile, only like and comments the posts


Buy or trade shoutouts. Powerlikes. Hashtags. Engagement groups. Post better content. Have you read anything on this site about how to grow accounts…?


Leverage a network of niche related accounts

Lots of info here about this


Build up several slave accounts to cross promote your mother account. When I do shout out the mother account through stories I get a steady amount of drip followers.

Make the mother account private to build up a sense of FOMO. You will have a lower bounce rate when you promote + you’ll get engaging users for your mother account.


Is curious, all mentioned “the content’”, but if you have a client that doesn’t follow anyone, mean that his content is also "untouchable"
The f… artists has his ego

About niche’s and slaves: i tried, and the results are slow, because only get 30-50 new followers per day, (is only for Spain, not global)

Due it, my desperate question


@info2000 - if he’s too paranoid about his followings going up - You need to use likes or adopt a more complicated follow/unfollow setup

Likes are a grey area now, so you’ll need to put your client on a mobile proxy and start sending out likes to your target sources. Fine tune until you get the appropriate followback/engagement you’re after.

If he’s hellbent on having low followings, have a policy of only following Private Users. Your following doesn’t increase until the user follows back. You could also apply a setting to unfollow users within 12hours (to make it appear more clean).


Why is he concerned about his “following” being above 0? Does he want results or does he want to look “influential” with only 15K followers (LOL).


I think doesn’t understand.
The client isn’t paranoid with rates, simple, “he is a rock star” in all senses: real and feels


Is his (wrong) policies, he is influencer from zero due he is a famous rock singer and is the personality of a brand’s cars


Likes, and comments campaigns, use hashtags, engagement groups, and shout outs


With how many slave accounts? Cant you expand that?

Clients like this i allways have to point them to the good direction. The direction of EXIT!

Or he is paying 1k a month, then sure, lets go! But less then that, spent the time on getting other clients, this will be a pain in the a.

Good luck!



There is nothing wrong with telling a client that you cannot help him. I do that almost daily, and often it feels soooo good to say goodbye :wink:


Exactly. Either that or just provide quality content.


What @shaneblay1 said!!! Sometimes called building up Fan Pages, youtube for further explanation. Build up using follow/unfollow 10-20 fan accounts on Instagram that love your clients art and other art in the same niche. After you build it up awhile you put in all your posts For More Follow the Artist @artistname.

On the main account you have to post good content. Join some DM groups for comment engagement and also PowerLike service.

I have had mixed results with shoutouts but that would be another thing to try for the main “mother” account.

Or like others said not all clients are worth having.


you can spend your time trying to please his ego or dump his ego ass get better clients. Mental health is priceless, assholes cause stress


Let me save you. Drop him now and spend time finding realistic people. For the masses, f + u is the only way to consistently grow accounts in a way that is easy to scale up. I’ve said it before, all these other methods are garbage when it comes to operating a Growth business in the real world. When we get a client who wants to grow another way I break down some facts for them. I educate them through articles I wrote on why accounts aren’t growing and send them why our method is the only consistent way.

Forget the ‘explore page.’ It’s simple. To grow, people need to see your account. And we give the nudge that even Instagram can’t stop.

If the client still wants a Magic Growth bullet simply let them go and go sign up 10 other hungry people.

One of my companies is now up to 4 organic sign ups a day from Google. Plenty of Biz out there.


Try with Fuelgram, it’s highly effective. Basically, it’s a platform for purchasing likes and comments from REAL, powerful accounts that belong to the niche you choose. I’ve managed to significantly improve my post engagement with it and consequently to gain many relevant followers.


how do you do the shoutouts? some post from the mother account or a screenshot?

and how often do you do it? everyday? 3-4 times a week? same post on all slave accounts?