I Need Little Suggestion

I am using Indian IPs to create FB accounts but using some other countries number to verify accounts. Does it matter??? do i face account block very soon?

Others can verify accounts using numbers base on different countries. I would suggest testing it out for yourself and report back here on how it goes.

I am using IP based in India and used phillipins based numbers to verify account still i have not faced any issue. everything is going smoothly but i wanna know whats gonna happen when i start marketing in those profiles.

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you should be fine as long as you have access to the same numbers in case you need to re-verify the accounts. Also you can start with just a few first and see how it goes :slight_smile:

My accounts are getting blocked dont know whether its because of IP’s that i am using or numbers used to verify accounts.

For someone to help you, you will need to give a lot more details, since we are no in front of your computer to see what you’re doing… what did you do, what are your settings, what happened exactly and what are the errors…

Yup Johny. Here it goes… I created 5 FB accounts using 5 Different Indian IP’s but verified accounts using phillipins country numbers. all 5 accounts got blocked now and asking for ID verification fortunately i recovered 3 of them by photoshop edited ID’s.
My question- Why my accounts getting blocked???

  1. Is it because i verified my accounts using some other country number and using Indian IP? or
  2. Is it beacuse not fresh IP’s that i got from my service provider as usual problem?

Did you use the accounts in any way, or you just created them and PVed them and they got blocked immediately after that?

Not immediately… i had created 3 days back one by one got blocked. I have not done much activites like sending requests to too many ppl or joining groups

What means not too much for you might mean a lot to them on a new account :slight_smile: care to elaborate on how much of everything you did?

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