I need to get an Actor up to 100k+ from 38k, this is more sensitive than businesses

The person I’m doing this for has the best content I’ve ever seen on a actor’s account, including A-listers, but at 38k followers, producers don’t take them as seriously.

I need to do this manually because I can’t afford a M/S service, and I just discovered this forum 2 days ago. I think I want to set up an M/S on my own but finding the info on this forum is quite difficult because all the terms are abbreviated.

Also the Child accounts can’t DM people with coupon codes/referral bonuses etc. because that doesn’t exist. It needs to target:
•Industry people, but not DM them because it’s extremely easy to get blacklisted
•Fans of actors/models but not actors/models because relationships in the industry are like walking on eggshells and you don’t want to DM people you already know from auditions or frenemies.

I’m trying to do storyviewing with gramto at $5/mo for 1 account, but I have to do it very slowly and only sometimes because their closest server is in San Jose and I’m in Los Angeles so Instagram likes to call “account compromised” if I leave it on. They don’t have a Los Angeles proxy and I tried using free proxies I found that work on my computer but they don’t work on gramto.

If you have any ideas on how to get an account from 38-100k in a few months with these kind of tight requirements, I would really appreciate a few pointers.

Thank you so much!

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The account compromised doesn’t have to do with locations, rather the fact that you’re still doing mass views these days.

Honestly you shouldn’t be learning on the job, you’re already doing some mistakes that might damage the account in the long run.

Specially with such tight requirements and no budget you’re not putting yourself in a favorable position.


I literally just discovered this too :pensive: This is a very close personal thing I’m helping with so it’s not a direct job. My past experience is nothing like you guys. I knew about like for like type of things and made a fake account to learn points on places like followmefast, likestool, and another, and an old phone app, all where you could earn points and then spend them on another account and people would follow. Those worked great before but are now all but useless. I got up to 30k with those from 1k. Now that they don’t work I need to learn the new ways. That’s why I’m so stoked about this place, I see you guys doing amazing things for many people, I only need to do 1 account.

What are a few things I should concentrate on? The content/tags are already beyond awesome, they are published work, but not getting natural growth.

Don’t look for exploits, they’re getting plugged faster than ever.
With how things work nowadays these exploits are going viral in a few months.
First they nuked hashtag spam, then they nuked engagement groups, then they nuked autopods and follow/unfollow method, and lately they’ve nuked mass story views.

All of these were the most mainstream growth methods of their time, specially with the Youtube experts.

I’d argue that the content isn’t good enough, as it’s not getting you the natural growth.
Your content is only as good as the algorithm thinks it is.
And that should be your focus, definitely.


The content are things like getting on the cover of magazines and posing in front of their own billboard, shots of them with celebs in a commercial or music video, commercials they star in, etc.

Here’s how I look at it, there are good photos and there are extremely relevant pieces of content that are highly shareable.

I’m not really in that niche, but people seem to like seeing famous people doing whatever challenge is the flavor of the week.


Good info. I think I see the difference now.


I agree with @synch’s POV here.

At this point, I’d try to venture into TikTok’s more generous organic reach than IG’s (jump on the latest trends, dances, etc), then siphon it back to IG.


the fastest way now – without growth hacking is IGTV. Getting viral means 10k per month min. Must post a good one every 3 days. For picture posts – comment spamming from followers works wonders even today. TikTok conversions to insta works good also – make sure it your actors content done with the phone.


About comment spamming, how many comments on average within what timeframe should be aimed for? @Alexnvo

around 70 to 100 first 10 minutes – followers only spam.


What exactly is comment spamming from followers? Like making fake accounts tag verified people in the comment?

Getting a 100 comments from your own followers in the first 10 minutes of posting a pic. Can be manufactured but best if they are real people (can do with small giveaways for example)


Do it then and see it’s not easy.

Many seen me do This live and can verify it works well

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What about giveaways?

To 100k fast back down to 60-70K AFTER

Still +20k-30k :grin: He’ll do a couple of giveaways

other methods work better and better follower retention … Giveaways are fools gold