I need to hire an expert to help me manage Twitter

We are a Chinese team and read the tutorial about Jarvee (of course there are some other automation software), but due to language limitations, we do not fully understand how this type of software will be set. And this work takes a lot of time. We hope to find an expert to help us automate Twitter and realize the growth of our Twitter fans.

Our needs are as follows:

  1. Continuously tweeting through a large number of Twitter advertising accounts (which we can provide), occupying the head position of some of the tags we want (24 hours of continuous sending)

  2. Follow our competitors’ fans through a large number of Twitter advertising accounts, and send advertisements to import these people to our homepage number.

  3. Like, forward and comment on our own tweets through a large number of tweets

  4. Go to our industry’s popular Twitter homepage to comment

In short, there are various ways to increase the number of fans for our homepage number, but we do not directly use our Twitter homepage number for promotion.

Interested friends, please come and talk to me! I hope you are a sincere and patient collaborator.

contact details:



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Excellent professional talents, I hope we can cooperate!

If you still decide to do some part of work on your own, you can contact Jarvee support, they are very approachable and they will help you to understand better tools and features and how you could set them up. Anyways, good luck :slight_smile: