I need your help with promoting a video

Hi there!

My daily business is creating commercial/corporate videos. One of my clients asked me to do the social marketing/ads for an upcoming corporate video. They dont have big budget (approx 500EUR for ads+ 50% service fee for me) I have several questions in mind:

But first some facts about them:

  • They are very active on Instagram but still have just 2K followers. Though they work on it every day since one year, one person is basicly working every day to write stories etc.
  • Their youtube has almost no followers.
  • Facebbok and twitter is also very small
  • They dont want to hand out their password for IG
  • They asked if I could do ads for them/ our new video
  1. Would you place the video (ca. 5minutes long) in IGTV, Youtube, facebook, twitter or just in Youtube and link to youtube from all other platforms? Or just in IG because they have their biggest audience there at the moment

  2. Story-Ads in IG leading to youtube is a bad idea isnt it? (my thought was IG doesnt like if you leave the plattform especially if it leads to youtube, but I dont know. I often see posts saying click link in bio which is a youtube link. So I could promote this post??)

  3. My best guess would be uploading in IGTV, promoting IGTV in IG and Uploading in Youtube and linking from FB and Twitter to Youtube + doing some ads in Youtube. Does that make sense to anybody?

3b) a year ago it was not possible to promote an IGTV. Did that change? Would it be possible with a story-ad leading to a website which is the url of the IGTV?

  1. Can I promote a post in their IG account without connecting my ads-manager to their account?

  2. is there a way to connect my ads manager to their account without them giving me the login/password ?

Thanks in advance!