I never knew how easy it was to make money lmao

Hey everyone just wanted to share my experience ive always been focused on growing my brand and my own personal endeavors so never really chased quick money i do the mother slave/ fan page set up to grow my music. Anyways, I got bored and in one of my instagram accounts that has 11k (page isnt too important to me i have like 60 pages with over 10k)

I put " DM for $20 reposts" in the bio surprisingly im getting at least 50 messages a day for promo and literally i made $200 dollars today just from this account taking it a little more seriously and actually checking its dms. I would just repost the video and shouting out the person’s page. It’s literally that easy i worked at walgreens for 8 hours as a college student and barely made 60 bucks and i made that in the past hour sitting here on instagram. Crazy to think what’s possible im thankful.

Any one else have similar experiences with quick money and social media?


Welcome to the wonderful world of the internet, quite amazing isn’t it?

You would really shit your pants if you seen some of the actual big bucks people/companies make, even with spam…

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its so fun seeing the paypal notifications its like a drug haha


The Paypal notifications are new (great feature they added for the APP) use to not do that earlier this year - yes they are addicting in general. Nothing better than seeing payments hit.

Now, go do what you did with that account - with 20 accounts at a single time, and make yourself $4,000 / day.

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what kind of niche ???

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With 10k accounts its so hard to receive 50 messages a day for shoutouts honestly


not sure how to automate shoutouts tho it takes alot of back and forth convo i use jarvee

Welcome to the internet

Hire someone to fulfil these for $5 a pop or maybe less so that it’s autopilot for you, then scale…



I’ve never seen that kind of luck before, hell I can’t even give away free professional portrait sessions, but hey… that’s pretty cool that you were able to make it work with such a small account.

not if your videos get 50-100k views

sounds amazing, keep it up , and scale it up!

Are those Accounts the mother or slave Account?

nah its just random repost accounts

I will consider this story true until you start to sell an ebook :joy: