I really need help with facebook ads

Hi all, I am new here and so happy to be part of the community!

I’ve been using Facebook for months to advertise my company products (mostly printed shirts for a specific niche). I’ve changed my target many times, used very narrow and targetted audiences, used carrousels, gifs, videos, and haven’t been successful. 0 sales and spent hundreds of dollars in FB ads. I gave up then tried again, then gave up then tried again.

It seems like what I read online is generic and there is something missing. Or maybe I haven’t come across the right guides/tips yet.

I am still motivated to try again, but I honestly can’t spend much more money.

Do you have any tips? I’d love to hear about your experience.

Thanks so much!


you havn’t had a single sale after several months?

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through facebook yes!

I wrote a post on how to sell products on Facebook successfully yesterday


If you don’t have much more money to spend…
If you don’t have a marketing budget that you are happy just using to test and test and test and test then don’t spend on advertising.
I’m serious. Don’t do it. Stop.

Best way to use your time would be to:
a) figure out how to earn more money
b) figure out how to drive traffic to the site in exchange for your time

Those are your only two options in my opinion.


Facebook ads can be crazy expensive so be a bit careful with them!

Few things I can recommend:

  1. If you’re getting a lot of clicks and no sales then something is wrong with your website not your ads/targeting.
  • for this, you could install something like lucky orange for website visual tracking. Do a trial for a month and see where/ why your visitors are leaving and fix it.
  1. Video ads convert much better (IMO) I’ve tested this on multiple products and they work a lot better with Facebook and usually cheaper CPC too.

  2. Make sure you’ve set up a tracking pixel so Facebook can optimize the ads for you.

  3. Work out a budget guideline and stick to it. For example, this is what I tend to do when testing new products $5/10 per day.

Day 1 - Less than 3 clicks / crazy high CPC = close the add.
Day 2 - Less than 3 ATC = close the add.
Day 3 - Less than 1 sale / ROAS less than 2/3 = close the add.

  1. If it’s not working, stop wasting your time/budget move on find something else.

thanks so much for your recommendations. I will give it a last shot and see. Have you had a good experience with Facebook ads and did it have significant results?

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Do you mean SEO? or do you have something else on mind?

You will need more than that to convince me… i’m sorry but I’m tired of claims of billionaires made thanks to facebook ads. Not credible anymore.

Yeah don’t give up mate, but don’t spent too much time on one product if it isn’t happening.

I’m far from an expert but have run successful shopify stores with FB ads. I will be giving them ago again at some point this year using my IG empire for traffic!

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