I really need help with my TikTok live plz help me and don’t ignore me pleas

Hi guys. So a couple of weeks ago, TikTok permanently banned my live. Honestly, that live brought me joy and happiness out of me being about to talk to different people who accepted me and enjoyed talking. I would get from 200-60 views on my live. So someone sent me a donation and I started dancing. It wasn’t Inappropriate and all of a sudden … BOOM. Tiktok cut my live and Permanently, not Temporarily like the norm. , but permanently banned me. I’ve Emailed them and everything multiple times and I honestly don’t know what to do. Like is there ANY way out of this ? At all? What should I do??

What did TikTok say about the ban? Are you older than 16 years old?
I’d suggest you DM them on Twitter if you haven’t done it already. https://twitter.com/TikTokSupport