I screwed up a really profitable FB business

Just use new facebook ad account, new IP, new payment method and cloak landing page. You will be in business in no time :slight_smile:

hmmm gr888 idea about Facebook

We can cooperate

please let me know how can you me help set up new FB profile and new Business Manager in India

This may be the reason for your banning:

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This was a very upsetting read. I can only imagine how difficult the process must have been. If I was around when it happened I would have suggested making the most out of press in order to recover as effectively as possible. Someone I know had their page deleted at 20k legitimate, organic, industry relevant followers because an account with a similar name reported them. They created a media outburst and recovered very well from it.

Hi Wallofiron,

Did you end up getting your facebook page back up and running or did you create a new one. My business is also in weight loss and my page just got banned from advertising. I would really love to know if you found a solution.

Thanks Heaps

have you thought about hiring an agency? or even talking to aff networks to put up your offer and let affiliates deal with it ? ultimately you can focus on quality and scale while affiliates fight with FB and get you sales