I screwed up a really profitable FB business

Will try to summarize a long story…

As I am stuck, sick to my stomach and no clue what to do from here…

Have a diet/weight-loss coaching membership site.

Optimized front end/backend

Was converting 2% cold traffic to our Facebook ads… (tested other traffic means and nothing converted even close to FB)

From April 2017 to October 2017… scaled to six figures in revenue during that time (only got up to 1/10th of my target spend)

All of a sudden (in OCT) on our 9 year old Facebook ad account… we got disabled for “violating policy”… which they never told us what that was (nor do they ever tell anyone)

Appealed as relevance scores were 9’s and 10’s… high positive feedback… low frequency

We made no promises, guarantees, claims… no misleading copy or tricks…

Wasn’t spamming and doing everything 100% white hat… or at least we thought we were…

We severely UNDER-promise and OVER deliver massive value.

Tried everything we could to get back in FB’s good graces the white hat way and nothing since October…

So now months later… we still can’t advertise on Facebook (after numerous phone calls with our FB rep, chats, emails, etc…)

Simply tried to start over… get a new business manager, ad account, FB page, payment method…IP address…etc…

Banned even faster… we are flagged and nothing works…

Used my wife’s FB business manager + ad account = banned (instantly)

New FB pages, links, accounts, CC’s… ad accounts deactivated due to policy violation (some with not even running ads ever) … others payment unusual activity (even though its really our own personal business credit cards) … couldn’t get them to approve even new payment methods… payment was disabled.

Was running great… basically doubling my money for a 10000% legit online diet/weightloss coaching business that our customers LOVE…

No clue what to do from here… as our customer avatar/target demographic is 100% on Facebook…

– No clue what to do from here as I single-highhandedly managed to somehow completely CRUSH an extremely profitable business that wasn’t even scaled to my target levels.

Invested so much time, effort, blood, sweat tears…

Have so many landing pages, presell/bridge pages, awesome VSL, lead magnets, know our exact target audience, FB look alike audiences, seasoned pixel, highly optimized funnel…

REALLY sucks even more because April is the month we usually do ROAS of > 3.0 and slowly drops from there…

Sick to my stomach, out of ideas, frustrated, depressed, upset and feels like I’m going crazy in the head at this point.

Would have felt better if this never worked from the beginning…

I have a product that delivers massive value, customers love it but I can’t deliver it to them via the means they want to purchase.

“Here take my money”… became… “sorry we’re closed”

No clue… my next move…

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

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Have you had Ads Rejected before you received the ban?

Facebook takes their Ad Platform really serious and they use all technical possibilities there are now a days.

Regarding why new accounts do not work, they did not ban your account, they banned YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. Blackhat Facebook Ad account techniques might be your only option.

How much total Ad Spend did you have on your main account that got removed?



All ads were approved and running fine for months (rotating to keep frequency low)… just one day work up in our 8 year old account (started running ads in 2010) was disabled for policy violations.

Spent $100k between April and October 2017 (200k adspend total in the account)

Next ad account we got up to $21k (Oct - Dec) before that was disabled (tried new creatives, landing pages)

Next ad account again exactly $21k (Dec-Feb)… disabled for policy violations

Next ad account got up to $6k (Feb-March)… disabled for policy

Haven’t been able to get an ad account last more than a couple days…

– What do you mean “banned ME and MY business” exactly? How do they know its me if I am using a different business page, ad account, payment method, URL… etc?

We have an unheard of 1% return rate for our digital product, our customers love us and its a legit business we have been operating online since 2007

So my only option is renting ad account farm?

Between my wife and I we have 2 accounts, 4 business managers and they are all flagged.

Sucks as in one business manager I have over 800 accounts.

Willing to do anything at this point… just don’t know what…lol


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If there is completely no connection between the first and second business… Also a different website?

Can this be the problem? Are there pages with similar content from competitors still online?

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Yeah, @OP said he made a new FB ads account, but if your business got flagged, you need to cloak your domain or buy a new domain, otherwise it’s pretty obvious for FB to detect that they banned you already

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Does the IP address of the computer using to access the accounts matter?

At first we used the same domain and were only changing the subfolder…

Obvious dumb mistake…

No we are 100% original as its a program based off my wife’s online fitness coaching she has been doing for almost 15 years in total… (ads since 2010 on FB)

I mean, can it be that they blocked the niche ? Did they block everything related to diet, weight loss etc ?

You can ofcourse wonder why you get blocked all the time. But if Facebook made a policy change and blocked the niche you can stop trying…

Are you making jokes now ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you are using the same computer at home with the same IP it will be very easy for them to make the connection…


Just figured all FB ad agency access ALL their clients different accounts from the exact same IP address their agency uses to manage client accounts

Thanks… will stop trying

There is a difference ofcourse… You have 1 account. It gets blocked. You make a second account using the same IP. The connection is easy to see.

An agency maybe has 100 accounts. All using the same IP. And maybe not even one of the accounts is blocked.

I would try with a new IP :wink:

So anyone who makes an account from the IP address at the local library or coffee shop where I access all my ad accounts will also get their ad account flagged?? lol

I’m just going to give up at this point…and sell the business to a friend


Is there somewhere here who can help me to explain this ? :scream:


It works just like caller ID. They can easily identify your IP the same way. They have clearly flagged every identifier related to you. Your IP, email addresses, credit cards, domains (domain register info). If you change 9 out of 10 and try again they will use that one common denominator to flag everything again.

If you are really serious about trying this first do as @dimitri recommends and research the whole niche.

  1. Get a new LLC with new credit cards.
  2. Buy new domains (use privacy)
  3. You need a new IP. You can subscribe to a VPN service. Just make sure you always go through the VPN.
  4. Set up new FB accounts. Do not borrow images or creatives from the previous accounts.

Basically, you can not revive your old Brand/Business but you may be able to start a new one if you shield it.

am I forgetting anything?


Makes a ton of sense…

  • What about making new FB profile? I would imagine it would take a while before I should be creating a new business manager/ad account with a new profile

Will start over and do what you suggested…


Sorry to hear and good luck.

If all else fails, advertize on other platforms, go organic, automate.

never give up


There is a way to get nearly unlimited supply of FB advertising accounts from real people. Market rate is about 20% of the ad spend. Say you send a person $100, he keeps $20 and your real ad budget is $80. One would explain to them that FB will shut down their advertising account after about 1-2 months, but they will keep their personal account. All ad payments go through their credit card, so one doesn’t need to worry about that.

Facebooks ads great for targeting and I have utilized them for several e commerce related ventures. Dropship/etc. Facebook is very careful with their platform about certain types of products. Were you atleast creating email lists from current clients, and have that information available? Did you atleast utilize google adwords? (there are multiple other companies which I use that track your clients data and info to optimize sales). My ad spend on one of the dropships was at about 90-150k+ per month and facebook never had an issue. They did have an issue with an ad when I tried to sell a diet supplement. It can also be if the ads you presented got reported multiple times. You should always use google adowords,facebook, combined with your own email list and track users data.Were you using any of these sources? If you did that you can still work yourself back up but facebook policies change and their customer support is next to none.

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