I test different Giveaway for you

Hi friends,
With all issues on automation and everyone looking for THE new way to growth or fastest one.
Giveaway services start to pop up everywhere.
I was curious about them as many of us here.
So what I have done is join many Giveaway telegram channels.
When you are added to one, each group will start to add you and you can also get a private message from sellers promising 10 - 50K growth from a giveaway at different prices.
I found three providers that sound legit ask information.
Days later I join 3 giveaway ($300 - $500 and $1.2K) from 3 different providers for a brand new account.
I was expecting to have the name of the pages or influencers who were doing the giveaway etc. with the accounts list to their giveaway post but no. The target account starts to gain followers and random comments + like the post I posted earlier for this test.

How it’s work actually:

  • The provider uses their Instagram accounts to follow all the giveaway participant
  • The influencers ask their audience to follow all @putanyagencynamehere followings (participant) to enter + other rules (max 3-5 rules).
  • Influencers don’t forget to mention the: Collad with @putanyagencynamehere
  • The giveaway lasts 2-3 days.

I found something interesting, each owner adds his own personal account to each giveaway. (that’s why you can find some shitty page with millions+ followers)
The prize is mostly: iPhone 11 Pro + Macbook pro or Air + some beauty/fashion or other products according to the influencer’s niche.

For $2k the test account reaches 99K followers with one post (15k likes + 5k comments).

I hope it helps some of you about how these giveaways actually work.


I wonder how fast those followers drop off


This is called a loop giveaway

Personally, I don’t see the real value in doing this unless it’s for vanity metrics

These sorts of giveaways won’t generally attract the right ppl from what I’ve read on here

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I used to run some of these back in 2018, but small lower budget ones, where the gains would be between 2 and 5K per giveaway. Honestly they’re quite difficult to setup, you can’t just do one every other day, it’s more sort of one or two per month. Personally I ran ads to my giveaways, I basically never used influencers, but the reason why it worked was because we targeted second world countries, the best was Phillipines because it had a large English speaking population but was extremely cheap to target.

I don’t do them anymore because in my opinion, giveaways are even more destructive than fake followers. At least fake followers drop off and you’re left with a decent engagement ratio, but giveaway followers are mostly there to stay, in my experience my accounts get a 10% drop-off ratio. So you’re left with an inability to get a decent reach due to the fact that your engagement ratio has been crippled.

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10% usually drop off in the first week or so but from there on out it’s pretfy stable.

20% drop for now.

I test this to understand how it’s work and see if there’s a room to improve it somehow. They actually just take random influencers who said yes and are cheap to run this. But if influencers are target by niche and their followers are send to account that could interested them; I think it will be more valuable.

Thank you for insights.

It’s working very well with us. Giveaway of iPhone on big profile - requirements are To follow 5 accounts. Most of them gain 1-10K per promotion. Dependant on how big the profile doing the promotion is.

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How do you find people who want top do these giveaways? I’ve tried to find things like this but just end up finding scam accounts

We create them instead of buying them.

You run them on niche pages?

Any niche can be done with ease.

Wouldn’t loop giveaways be a good way to keep engagement to your existing audience up? Everytime a post of mine goes viral more of my own followers see a new post.

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At the end of the day, whether they’re targeted or not does not matter. By the very nature of the fact that they followed to receive the prize, not because they liked your account, means they have no reason to ever engage with any of your posts, why would they?

Depends on the giveaway. People say rule of thumb 20-30% but I’ve had clients join the team 10 ones and lost 60-70% of the followers.

Followers gained from loop giveaways are the second worst type of followers you can get to your account. The worst type of followers are from panels. Loop giveaways are good for those, who just want to boost their numbers (and in some cases, raise brand awareness). Those followers don’t interact, don’t buy, and they are not-targeted. Also, you get a huge (up to 70% drop in followers after the giveaway ends) - thus you not only lose a lot of followers, but it’s a clear indication that your account is shitty in terms of IG algorithm (because your followers are unfollowing you like crazy, that means your account is in bad condition, thus IG can lower your reach, and trust score).

My tip: think twice before getting in giveaway loops :slight_smile:
Piece :slight_smile:


The fake followers of the bourgeoisie.
When people are too fancy to pay for panel followers, but not rich enough to pay for organic growth.


This types of giveaways work well if it’s segmented by niche.

The generic iPhone, case, etc prize is too broad and lacks any real substance.

Niche product promoted by niche influencers, will have way more value and could be of much more benefit too all parties involved.

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If it’s a giveawaay loop like what I test may be.
I think they’re not all that shitty.
The test account is still between 98k-99k not big drop atm.

Interesting. Who was the provider(s) of this contest service?

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