I think I am shadowbanned

I have a TikTok account that has over 110k followers and last Saturday I gained over 6k followers and earlier that day I had a video with over 120k views. The day before I gained 11k and about 5pm UK time on Saturday my views just stopped increasing and my next post did not get that many views, as I normally get over 5k views at lest and it only got 4k views. I than stoped posting till today and I posted today and my vides are getting 3k views and under. I am also losing followers since this happened, about 200 to 500 a day.

went live last Tuesday and everyone on my live said they could not see me on the live and all they can see was the loading sign part and I went live today and the same thing happened. Does anyone know if I have been shadowbanned or not and if you want to see my account dm me?

I just posted a video with two hashtags one has 0 and the other has 800 and my post came up. If I am shadowbanned how many days do I have to wait for.

Hi Daniel,

I was shadow banned or so i though in the first month of using tik tok, from my reseach at the time. Shadowbans are not as straigh forward as they are on IG. They are random, they come during normal activity and do not have a specific timeframe for which they end.

I know this is reply isnt helpful, but it was all the information and experience i gained when the Shadow happened. I just kept posting random stuff and it eventually started working again.

How long did it take your account to get unshowbanned

Yeah, there are no patterns at the moment with TikTok. I think at this point no-one can know how long those shadowbans can last from user to user.

as you said keep posting and over time things will go back to normal

that is annoying, as I make new content and it won’t show up on the fyp and than once the shadowban has gone all videos I posted won’t go viral so going have repost all video i made when i was shadowbanned.

Yeah, you’ll probably need to post them again, unfortunately…

That is long but tiktok messed up and have to do extra things to grow

yeah, Tiktok is in a lot of troubles these days :laughing: from every angle

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