I think i finally got it

I am no longer as confused as i was Last week .

After spending what must be a 100+ hours learning about Jarvee , i think i have alot of things figured out apart from this one thing.

The right proxy to buy and where to get it.
I am currently wanting to try ipv6 first.
I only want to scrape like 1000 specific accounts for this month so i figure i dont need 4g for that.

Could someone please recommend a good proxy for my scrapers ?

Then go with residential proxies. You can check out #public-marketplace to find ones for you.

@HenryCooper used to have great proxies here.

We do not have any specific providers to suggest. What most clients do is to search for reliable providers, read the feedback, and they get one from each provider to test on their account, see which one works best. Here are some pointers that could help:

– should be Instagram compatible
– IPv4 proxy
– If you can get a proxy that has the same IP location (preferably same city) as you, that would be great
– dedicated proxy (one that’s never been used on any account)

you can check the #public-marketplace and with @Boris as well, also, if you could create a thread where you explain a little bit what you learned and what you tested it would be very helpful for everyone here on MP social.