I think I killed my IG Account!

This may be an amateur post, but I’m wondering if I am being punished by IG or if people just decided to stop following me.

I have grown my account to nearly 19k followers organically over the last 2.5 years. I did use a growth service for about 2 months that net me 2k followers last year and have been running a like bot for about a year. Most of those 2k followers have dropped off over the year, or so I thought.

Very very recently I decided to stop posting stories and also post 1-2 less per week as I needed a break. When I came “back” my stats and engagement were/are dropping at a rate of 120 followers per week.

I started using Jarvee to follow, like and view stories for the past few days and although I keep things VERY safe, the drops keep coming that are anywhere fro 15-60 unfollows per day. This seemed to have happened so quickly!

The weird thing is that all day the count will be stable and then all of the sudden it registers a high drop within an hour. I also found that my engagement tanked as well.

Could this be IG following through on dropping fake/spam accounts at certain times per day that were built up over time using the like bot?

I’m wondering if I should just stop automation all together and let the cards fall or if I should keep using Jarvee to help it from continuing to go down?

Any insight is appreciated! Thank you!

It has happened before where IG removes fake followers from peoples profiles - Sometimes they come back sometimes they do not.

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Yes, sound like the normal IG cleaning up routine.

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yes - you are right

use to slow drop - depends on how big/how many crap accounts they get rid of, the bigger you account is, it feels like the longer it takes for you to recover from daily drops

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