I think i've found out something about Instagram

So, i have had this account for 5 years. I don’t really do anything shady with it other than just adding people and communicating with them. I’ve met a lot of girls through this account. I post mostly pictures that i take. It’s an hobby. I have thousands of followers. I don’t try to sell anything in there, i don’t add hundreds of accounts a day, and don’t post anything illegal and i don’t use third party apps, though i have, years ago, and got warnings for it so i dropped it.

On average i probably follow/unfollow 30-40 people a day. I don’t comment at all. Might send between 0 and 5 DM’s a day. So, really nothing crazy, and this behaviour has been going on for years, with no problems.

I gotta say that i might have been blocked and reported probably hundreds of times. But for silly stuff, like some girl posting something political and me replying with some remark they didn’t like. Nothing crazy, nothing truly offensive, but sometimes people get upset and they block me and quite possibly report me. Not sure how relevant this is, but it might have some impact on IG’s stupid trust score.

Now, in the last two months i’ve been having a recurring problem that i never had before: after following 20 plus accounts, i get locked out of my account. Then instagram forces me to change my password through my e-mail, claiming suspicious activity. Now, this has nothing to do with my account possibly having been hacked, since it only happens when i follow a certain number of people. After that, i also get a 1 day action block ONLY on the mobile app, but this block doesn’t really block anything. So it looks like a bug.

I mostly use instagram on my computer, through the web browser, but i go back and forth between the computer and the phone, in a short period of time.

Now i decided to only follow through my mobile app. So i got to follow/unfollow around 50 people just today, and no block received. Is it possible that using the web version of IG is what triggers the system?

You also probably have a lower trust score because of all that drama your account has had. Hence its tempermental