I think ive got hacked - Instagram

I know im putting the right password but all it says this {“message”: “Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”, “status”: “fail”}… I change the passwords the email is still the same on the accounts because i change my passwords and still no results this white thing with this message will not let me get into the account. Pls help me :C.
Edit : I cant log on from both website and phone.

Do you find your account when looking for it in the web browser or is it gone?

The error is coming directly from Instagram and its pretty descriptive, just try to read it slowly.
You tried to login too many times you need to wait for a few minutes - few hours and then try again.


when i try to change my password i it still says status fail please try again… my instagram still exist not even a sign from a hacker not in my email not even on my account its weird

im actually in my account yay i love you guys you were the only1 who i could talk to much love to this website <3


Did it ever say Invalid Credentials when you tried logging in?

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