I think mobile app is generally safer than the browser

Not 100% sure about it, but i got the feeling that you will get blocked faster on the browser than on the mobile app. Yesterday i got blocked most likely just because i was refreshing the browser page too much. I was following the likes of an image i poster, so i would refresh the page every 2 minutes or so for a few hours and that got me blocked. I’m not sure you can get blocked just from clicking on mobile.

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You will get blocked on mobile app as well if you do actions too fast. Even visiting too many profiles within a short period of time can cause blocks. Do you get the error message “please wait a few minutes before you try again” on the browser?

Yeah, the same thing goes for mobile app as well. Sometimes you’ll be able to do more actions via App then via Browser and sometimes it will be the opposite but performing a lot of actions with the same pattern will get you into blocks whatever device you use.

As someone stated above you’ll get blocks on mobile app too if you perform the actions in an unnatural way

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the actions that you did that caused that block not the the fact that you are using Brower i can assure you that me and other users have accounts that do actions only using the browser and it working way better than the API

I’ve gotten that messa in the past, but now it was simply a 1 day block that prevents me from visiting profiles, and also a phone number confirmation, that i’ve done around 10000 times.

So i can’t refresh my own profile? That’s demented. This is the first time i’ve seen a website that prevents users from browsing it “too much”.

The only permanent thing in this world is change, and Instagram does its best to be more restrictive every time so that could be a part of their heightened measures to detect automation.

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You will get blocks or AC on mobile too, but one thing I can’t figure out is why some acounts in 5-6 months never get a single restriction or AC, and some others get it more often.

So, what I found out is, i.e your niche is Sports Cars, and if you follow relevant accounts like 90% relevant and you get bigger follow back % Instagram thinks you actually follow friends and people you know and not restrict your actions, but if you follow and follow without getting enough follow backs you will get AC or blocks much faster. This is just some theory in my head I can’t guarantee its like that, there might be so many other reasons.

When you get that kind of block again, try logging out, then logging back in. Maybe it will help. Do you use your account on an automation software or another device?

it not only the refreshing part that caused the issue but the whole process of refreshing the page then following users, and yes IG is weird but they need to be like that to stop spammer.

I agree. I’ve got accounts that are performing better via Browser so there are no rules on this matter.

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Sometimes, the device is not the factor but the way you handle the accounts. Whether you do automation or not, I believe it’s best for now to do actions more carefully and avoid doing too fast and repetitive in a short period of time.

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Blocks cannot be avoided if you are automating in a aggressive way. it might give you a better account score, if you emulate from mobile.

Mobile app is much better of course but also, you need to make sure you’re not preforming too many actions in a suspicious way