I think my account is DEAD

Hi there!
I began my IG growth pretty late, basically when the banns started, after being banned a couple of times, I decided to try to grow my account with Ads, worked really well, of course, got up to 8k ish and then decided to stop paying because by end of November the Ads reach decreased quite a bit…
So my posts were at a consistent 400-600 likes and a decent amount of interaction, stories were at steady 600 views, but now… I’m getting 200 likes per post, little reach, and literally 70 views from stories… Reels reach has gone down from 3k to 800 ish, and I don’t know what is going on nor what to do…
I thought about creating a new account, but I would really appreciate it if you guys, who probably have MUCH more experience than I do could help me out a bit.

Thanks all for your time :heart:

If you search this forum, you will find several threads about your issue.
Reach will decrease after usage of ads.
You’ll go through a bad period for a while, but will get back up again.
It will never recover fully, but it will get better. The platform want you to use money for reach.
Keep being active in hope of better days. However your low ER can be because of content also.

This could indicate content issues maybe? Without knowing your profile, content and niche, I would say be persistent, be active, post quality content and odds are that it will get better. It will never recover fully, but better will it be.

Are you using hashtags?

Yep, using hashtags but still meh…

Be calm…it will take time to recover u have to post good contant you have to improve… post stories time to time intract with ur follower… there are much more thing stay active as much as u can… and follow some threads are their in this site

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