I wanna know and i need your help

how people can say i like open minded people and some people here are so allergic to critisizin and feel so safe and secure when they find their soulmate i got my posts hidden cus i critisized some thread that claim the moon based on nothing no facts given no number given and they claim based on their experience which is based on their feeling
poor you

well lets go back to open minded if you categorize people in such way that means you just lost your openness toward other people that you dont consider open minded and in the end of the day this is just an online community LOL and im out i will just scan you like a bot and enjoy some crazy thought claimed as facts that are not measurable

have a nice day not all of you but only those who are ok with their flaws and dont need to hide behind the crowed after all you too deserve a nice day cus your life seems pretty tuff

peace out

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Can I criticize you? Please use punctuation marks, they are so helpful.


im cool with w.e you can say
me tooi would love to and i’ve to agree with you its just i hate typing in mobile :sob::sob::sob:

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I waited an entire hour for my next like to become available just so that I could like this.

do we have mpsocial blocks now?? do we need a proxy to use the forum? hahahah

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Haha no I just exceeded the daily like limit! :stuck_out_tongue: But maybe we should use them anyway! Press F to show respects. :wink: