I want to buy a 100k+ followers Instagram account


long time forum member here. I want to start my own brand and get into e-commerce. I have a solid marketing plan, a huge database of emails and know how to sell via email/DMs on a larger scale (I provide this service to my clients). The only thing I need before I start is a solid Instagram account with at least 100k followers preferably in the fashion/fitness niche.

I know there are people in this forum that have a huge network of Instagram accounts so I was wondering if someone is willing to sell me one with a solid engagement and organic followers. The niche is not that important but it would be nice to be at least remotely close to fashion/fitness. Looking forward to hearing offers! :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

Apologies about that, I wrote it before I went to sleep and didn’t notice it.

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I found a couple of sellers but I am a bit skeptical about this whole thing. Is there a way they can scam me and retrieve the account? Things that “scare” me:

  1. How can I know if it’s the original email used to create the account?
  2. If the seller doesn’t have the original email, can he take back the account?

If anyone is experienced in buying/selling Instagram accounts an advice would be much appreciated.

They always can take the account back, so you should only buy it if you trust the seller.
If you don’t know them personally use a media broker and choose a seller with good reputation and score.

Check out this article, old but many things still relevant:


thanks for this i needed that too

Echoing the above, use escrow services. Also you can search other sites that broker account sales/trades like the one above

Hello ineed ig account for sale with folowers may you tell me please some trust sellers to contact them please.

Hey, I have no idea if they are trusted but I found some profiles on swapd.co

Send us a PM if you need to buy Instagram or Twitter accounts. We have an approved Sales Thread on MP Social so I’m always here in you have any questions.

Followers range between 1K - 200K, and a PayPal invoice with Buyer Protection is always offered to our client’s so they rest assured we follow through on the goods.

Is swapd safe? I found a profile but the seller wants BTC transfer. PayPal has high fees, but I am a bit skeptical sending money through BTC as they are not traceable. Has anyone bought a profile through swapd?

Don’t go if the payment is in Bitcoin,you can be scammed easily.

Prefer a secure method only.

I was thinking the same thing but there is a middleman with swapd.co Although I am a little bit concerned that the middleman can also take the money…

With swapd, you have nothing to worry about as long as you make use of their middleman service. I’ve sold and bought on the website on several occasions. I’ve also made use of payment options such as PayPal, BTC and transferwise. They are very transparent.

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Yes, I am using their middleman service. Thanks for the information, I will go ahead and send them BTC and hope for the best!

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Yes, I have bought a 150k+ account from swapd recently. The transaction was very smooth and secure, they’re the most secure escrow service for digital properties AFAIK. You can’t use PayPal on swapd for pages over $1k (im 95% sure) in value , so basically most 50k+ follower pages have to be bought through bank wire/btc/transferwise

How do you sell via DM/email?