I want to create my own 4g proxy!

hello everyone , i want to create 10 4g proxy ,but i have no experience on this so i`m asking some help here please , some tips , some tutorials .
Here are the stuffs i got .
10 sims cards with 50gb each
10 4g usb dongle
i have windows pc
if anyone want to help me , please post here or send me a message .
i hope this is not a secret
Thank you very much !


I do have a connection to someone that might be able to help.

My dear newbie use the fantastic box in the upper right corner, called search!, and you will find tons of good posts that will help you in your journey, good luck!


Mobile proxies are no longer a secret, there are already a few descriptions on this forum on how to do it, maybe not all in the first level, but they are definitely on LV2.

Many of us here have this setup.