I want to earn from this and make it a living

I suck at captions. I have tremendous energy drive and determination. I look okay. Pretty creative and give inspired content (mostly jokes) my own spin. I suck at captions. I just can’t push myself when I push so far for the core content. I took my original content from 20 to 40 views to 180 to 200. But now it’s back to 40 after falling to literally 0. How do I go about growing it? I think I need some partner,lol. I have the ambition. Need someone to hold me back to do stupid shit.

As far as I know, there is a new algorithm, and they no longer push content to the fyp within 20-30 minutes. It can take up to 24 hours for them to review a video. I went from thousands of views to 200-300. Just keep posting daily, or whenever you can. The trick is to stop analyzing and caring too much about algorithm, posting time, captions, and hashtags. This is not Instagram. I have a video with over 980k views (growing daily), and its caption is “Oh well”. Didn’t even separate them with a comma. Have fun. Use your energy and put it into your content. Your account will grow on its own.

Can you link me to your tiktok?

I don’t know if there is a new algorithm…
I was struggling with 0-200 views on my first videos. I kept posting and now I get 1000 views within the first hour. I do believe that TikTok is pushing accounts with consistent uploads more than new accounts.

Some videos get viral with no caption. Just try to catch the viewer’s attention during the first seconds and that’ll significantly boost your views.

Makes absolute sense… I don’t know why my vie2s have dropped. It was doing fine at 180 views any 70 likes now even if I break into 200 views I get one like

Style has changed

Yes, there are definitely some changes on the Tiktok algo, it will take few tests so that we can know for sure.

as Nik said, keep posting, always try to do better and your account will grow over time.

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Thanks @Nik, great insights here. Cheers

@Nik do you have any further confirmation for this? I think I’ve been noticing the same thing lately.

Anyone else?

I just got a video with over 70k yesterday, but it was pushed 8 hours after being posted.

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Still not getting those views. Maybe my content isn’t up to par? But it was getting 150/180 views and 50-80 likes…So I dunno.

did you make any kind of changes lately? any kind?

Hmm I did but just two to three videos and I post many… it grew then stopped.

My views are growing back up a little but likes are not there anymore? I have no idea what’s wrong.

I was wrongly reported as well to which I raised an issue with tiktok and they are looking into the matter.

yeah i see, probably the report that was raised to tiktok caused the issue, also, make sure to avoid any kind of changes lately until you fix the issue

It probably is…now the views have gone back from 20 to 60…and now even the likes are coming back…so yea… my content is as such it grows slowly…I do less trendy things but do use the popular songs…I hope I get noticed on a big scale sometime lol

I have had problems with the views for days. at the beginning the views are few but after a few days the videos are pushed and reach almost 10k and then it suddenly stops. I post 4 videos a day … it is also very important when you post the videos I think hashtag doesn’t matter. i have videos without hashtag and without caption they have 40k views …

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that’s not true, hashtags are very important, I think if you used hashtags on the 40k video you might have reached 60k - 70k, try posing with the hashtags constantly, and see how it goes.

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