I want to HIRE someone to help restore my IG page

Hi, I’ve been trying so hard to restore my IG page on my own, but at this point I’m willing to pay someone to help me restore my Ig page back. Again, I had more than 1 Million Followers and use my page for several things. Thanks in advance!

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You should post in the “hire a freelancer” section so they don’t close this thread down


I just registered yesterday. I have no idea how to do that yet :frowning:

i need help too my appeals wont submit

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5 bitcoin and I can do it




Hopefully the system updates again soon, no one is able to bypass this issue :disappointed:

i doubt you work for instagram :roll_eyes:

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He’s probably just joking, but I’m pretty confident that if it can be restored by anyone, @wortime can do it :man_shrugging:t4:

You didn’t ask for anyone that worked for Instagram

No that would be another more respected member. I will not name them since it means more DMs for them.

nobody knows whats going on with instagram right now, from the highly respected members to the newbies like myself. these are facts.