I want to know something from you help me out?

Hello guy
I am creating ig accounts with my own and use them to grow my page and they are working well for me so i just started creating twitter account also for put hastag in foreground but when i use account when logging in. twitter wants to confirm the phone no or email which i used yo create account. I have phone no and email too to verify it but it takes so much of time manually

For each account
Is their any process to do automatically by bot or so if yes tell me

Have you tried using Jarvee Twitter accounts creator? you should test it and see how it goes

Is it help me to logging in automatically
I have 100 twitter accounts right now when am logging in at that time this verfication comes that i have shown as image on the top

Yes, they’re only asking you enter the email you used for account creation, you don’t have to log in to your email and get a verification from them. Just note the email you use each time you create account. I get the same verification page too when I want to access old twitter accounts that I haven’t used for a while.

Did you use vpn or proxies when you created twitter accounts?

What do you mean by this?

Yes it ask for verfication only of mail or phone number from which the account created but my question is it done for each account or is their any process or bot which can perform these action by own putting that phone no or email by it self.

I use proxy to create account

Yes, twitter asks either for phone number or email address you used to register the account when you try to login from a new IP/device. The best is to have your own sim cards to create twitter accounts as twitter will asks for sms codes several times. Just buy some cheap sim cards on bulk and you’re good to go.