I want to sell my FB Groups

I have many FB groups I want to sell. Does anyone know of a platform I can use to sell my groups?

Maybe someone in the community should start a whatsapp chat so that we can safely share our group links without risk of FB watching.

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can u say the category?
what kind of groups are they

USA Buy and Sell Groups

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Pm me, interested

PM please hyper interested

i am interested also…

Pm please interested

buy and sell groups

PM me please your price and link to group

Pm me I am interested.

message me on whatapp. 880-1625-999646

I’m so interested in this!

message me on whatapp. 880-1625-999646

maybe use telegram as whatsapp is owned by fb


how many members in the group?

From 50k to 2millon members in the groups I have available. Each week I have more available so the numbers always change.

I am interest to buy