I want to start my facebook journey but the probleme

i want to start my facebook journey so i want buy 10 fresh facebook accounts . but the probleme i know that facebook is so strict now. anyone can help me how to warm them up whithout facebook suspend my accounts and my second probleme is i bought those fresh accounts from an andonisan website that mean the accounts are created by indonisian ip and me i want to run them zith usa proxy , pls anyone can help to make them work under us proxy without suspension et merci

You can try with Jarvee. Add proxies to each of those accounts and start with all tools on their default settings for 3-4 weeks and then start increasing run timers slowly.

any advice to avoid accounts get flagged when i put them in another proy from usa while they are created by indonisian ip

Do they get suspended as soon as you try to login?
Or they ask you to confirm account (via email, phone number etc…)

Also, why don’t you try with aged accounts or make your own since you’re already buying fresh accounts? Here’s nice guide on how to use FB for promotion that also includes the part about creating accounts: