I want to start using the New Followers contact tool

I want to start using the New Followers contact tool. I dont see any option to limit the hourly messages and the daily messages, I dont want it to over send and than get DM block, How can I limit it, and what’s the recommended limits ?

I guess you’re referring to “Send Messages to New followers” in Contact tool in Jarvee, right?

When you set up filters and add message, tool will start extracting followers and sending them to Send Messages tab. There you can set up the timers, number of messages sent and start the Send messages tool. That’s how it works.

If you need more more info, just send message to support, they’ll provide it to you.


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I see. So the “send to new followers” tab is there to extract users into the tab that performs the actions.
Whats the recomended Messages per hour/day ?

Exactly :wink:
Most people around here recommend 50 a day. I know some peeps who has pushed that quite a bit but I’d say 30-50 would be a safe place to be.


As @jmarie says, don’t push it. Start with 15-20 per day. 1 per hour, increase slowly till you get to 40 on average.

Make sure you use spinning syntax. That’s really important.