I was using Instazood and I would like an alternative


This is my first topic so I don’t know if it’s properly.

I was using Instazood one year ago and it was great (I reached 10k on my account) but now is no longer working. I have tried Upleap and Social Captain but I prefer more control over the workflow.

Any suggestion? I use a Mac and an iPhone.

Thank you!


Jarvee and use an amazon VPS to run it

Be aware that you probably won’t replicate the results from one year ago. Instagram is stricter now regarding automation.

Thanks! But I run MacOS and Jarvee is only on Windows :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes! I only use it for “likes” on niche accounts being aware of “content is king (or queen)”. I just need a service/bot for those likes.

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Thats why you use a VPS

Ok, I didn’t understand the use of a VPS, I thought it was like a proxy instead a remote computer


I am currently using Jarvee on my mac osx. :slight_smile: Hollah at me if you need help.


Might want to blur out your email address at the top of your image.


Thx for the reminder :slight_smile:

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yes perhaps jarvee is the only real alternative

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This using vps or you managing to run it directly on your MacBook?

You need VPS to get the most out of this software. If you want more info, pm me.

I’m already using vps so all good. Just wondered if you’d worked out a way to run it without

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Nope, VPS is the best option atm for Osx users. :slight_smile:

Ever tried running it through parallels or anything like that?

Ehhhhh I havent. I used parallels in the past. I remember it being very laggy.

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I need help with this how do I get jarve on Mac OS X ??