I will buy Jarvee today IF someone answers this question

Hello, I might be interested in purchasing Jarvee again… it’s been a while :flushed:

But I have a noob question (yes I used search but didn’t find my answer)

Can I simply Auto Tweet with Jarvee? Can I also add photos to my Tweets + use spintex?


Yes, you can easily automatically post tweets with text only, or with photos, through campaigns. You can also use spintax.

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Yes, you can tweet automatically using the Campaign feature in Jarvee. More info about Campaign on this page:

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Alright I’m sold! I will buy Jarvee right after I’m done taking this dookie

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Of course, you can achieve that with Jarvee, that feature was available since I can remember :slight_smile:

lmaooooo broo

Good choice. Jarvee is a great tool :stuck_out_tongue:

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