I would appreciate your help

I lost my job and I have to provide for my family. I want to start an online business and be able to take care of my kids since I can’t leave my place. I am looking for a mentor that could walk me through this process.

Thank you,

What country do you live in? --> depending on where, I’d try to get gov emergency funds first.

What’s your background? --> Without knowing your skills, it is difficult to suggest anything to start as it’s unclear how long it will take to make a decent living from an online business.

you can share with us a little about your background, your previous experiences in online business or Internet marketing in general then we will help you with some suggestions and steps to follow.

It seems you’re interested in starting your own e-commerce website. Do you have previous experience in e-commerce field? If you’re new to this field and start from scratch, I’d suggest you look for freelancer jobs on upwork or freelancer website, so that you can earn money for your family and e-commerce project while learning how the business works. There are lots of free and paid online e-commerce courses on the internet.

WE would be more than happy in helping u out but we will need to know ur previous experience and ur knowledge regarding the subject. If u want to run ur own business u would definitely need the knowledge about the field in whatever business u want to do.

Good luck with finding the mentor and with your future online business! :slight_smile: Other guys asked great questions, let the community know more about your skillset.