I would like to create a group on Skype to learn how to flip instagram accounts

I was thinking about creating a group on Skype to learn together how to flip instagram accounts. I think it’s a good way to earn money with instagram. Add me to skype to add them to group. skype: removed

driving visitors off the forum isn’t allowed, but feel free to start discussion here so everyone can benefit.


How does flipping images lead to earning money?


I think they mean to buy an IG account for cheap, then sell it for more. Like flipping a house. While sure, you could argue you are only flipping images, many people buy and sell accounts.

Someone is good at growing a succulent niche account. It costs them $1 on buyaccounts, and a proxy is $1 a month. They can grow the account to 12k followers in a year, so the cost to them is $13 plus time spent (plus software etc). They are not so skilled at selling the accounts, so they sell the accounts for $130. A good markup, and sounds good, but OP is great at selling. So they buy the account at $130 and flip it for $260 in 5 days.

EDIT: Buying and selling IG accounts is against the ToS of IG. Not saying it doesn’t happen. But I like the discussion and so does Adnan. Sales techniques are not natural to some and can be taught/learned.

Also, I have always wanted to learn the art of scalping tickets. I feel like this is very related in a way.
I’m sure the techniques learned could be applied to sneakers etc.


And Bots?:face_with_monocle:

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Flipping accounts is a waste of time because low prices for good accounts are a dream . better grow them and more money doing them. Unless you flip multi-million follower accounts than its different. But takes forever


A lot of good “flips” are luck. We always hear stories of people selling Instagram accounts with 10K followers for $500 etc. but it rarely actually happens.

In my opinion, you’d be better off just starting an Instagram account farm, growing all the Instagram accounts over the course of 6 months, and using the profits to scale up. If you grow 10 Instagram accounts to 5K followers and sell all the Instagram accounts for $50 each, you’ll make $500. Then, subtract the costs ($120+ for the automation software, $200+ for proxies) and spend the remaining $180 on more proxies, etc.

It’s really not as profitable as it seems once you crunch all the numbers and add up the expenses. Not to mention the fact that the project is done of the course of multiple months.

NOT TO MENTION Facebook/Instagram is breaks things on a weekly basis and could in theory destroy an entire farm overnight.


Growing an account to 5k in 6 months ?
With an automation software ?
$200 spent on proxies for 10 accounts ?

Yes, if only f/uf is being used.

How else would someone grow so many accounts?

Yes. Actually $200 over the course of 6 months is a little lower than it would actually cost. It would probably be more around $240.

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nah, i sold accs for about 1,5 years,90% autopilot,earned a decent car from it just as a hobby. Demand is still very high. prices are less now, true, but still you can earn more thrn a decent income without all spam issues




= $$$$


Got any tips for selling accounts or growing accounts to sell?

I am In if you want guys :raised_hand:t2::roll_eyes:

Get very active here, help others, then get to lvl2. There you can find all you need!


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Problem is trusting the people who sell the accounts… so many scammers out there these days. Be curious on how people find these accts and do it safetly.

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When youre niche is not unpopular you should have at least 12-18k followers after 6 months. Or your niche/settings/sources/resources (proxy, sim, account) were bad.

Moreover when you dont use residentials, proxies have not be that expensive. When you have a good provider you can calculate 120-180$. Sims and PVs is something you have to take care about when putting numbers together. But they can be prevent/minimized with good proxies/accounts and the right settings.


Just never do a transaction without a middleman and you will be fine.

As roy said, middleman is your best bet to avoid scams, there are some sites specilized on this.

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What are “bad” settings in your opinion? Following less than 600 people per. day?

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