[IDEA] Automated Instagram likes exchange group


Firstly, I am not selling anything, just sharing my idea and see if someone can help me.

So, is it possible to make something like a chrome extension or an engagement commuinty where i automate all the accounts in order to like the post of each others? How may i do it without having to ask for the password for each person? Or without spending a lot of money and time on proxies?

Thanks for ur time :slight_smile:

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There is already a feature for this in J. It is called Like Exchange: You like other posts and you get back likes for your posts:



Hey, its working yet? I stopped used this 1 year ago why I ever was banned.

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Yes working. I never had any ban because I do it slowly :wink:

The last time I received likes from the like exchange was in June 2019. I tried again some weeks ago, and received nothing.

What kind of ban can you get?

You need to have at least few accounts giving likes to receive back. Even if you have credits and you don’t put a Like Giver, it won’t work…

Like Giver should have a least X number of followers which means no fresh accounts. Like Giver should have few posts and a profile picture…

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That’s not a ban ;-)’

I tried again, 2 posts. One received 1 like, the other received 2 likes, in 5 sessions. In that time my accounts giving likes gave about 30 likes.

I removed my accounts giving likes. And I will write support, for me it’s not worth it how it is now. You should at least get back what you give.

Do you get enough likes to make it worth it?

I am getting 20-25% of what I give which is not ideal, it could be better but this is the only way to boost client account posts on budget compared to paying for likes…

That woud be a great idea

In Results file you can see how many exactly likes have been given in each session and how many posts received likes. That way you can see how many likes did each post receive in average. That will give you a better picture on what you can expect.
Also, users with premium Like exchange licence have priority when it comes to getting likes.

I know where you can see this. In 5 sessions 1 post received 1 like, another post 2 likes.
How are your experiences? Do you receive more?