Ideal PC / LAPTOP Specification for growing 500+ accounts smoothly

Hello ALL!,

I"ve had several times that My laptop being shut off.

I have been running Jarvee on My laptop for the last 1 year and spec is:

4 years old Samsung Series 9
i7 3537U 2.00GHz to 2.50GHz
8GB Ram
Windows 7 - 64it

I am thinking of upgrading.

1st Question:

For Follow and unfollow actions with likes, story viewer etc, Does CPU and RAM size mostly dictates the speed of the action or soley on the Internet Speed?

My internet speed is very fast already at 1 GB/s

Would CPU speed and Ram size matter the most to run Jarvee more smoothly?

If so, what is the spec do you receommend?

I am looking in to 8750h CPU with gaming laptop for now. <- good idea or get a desktop?

Thank you very much ALL for help and inputs.!!!

Yes, jarvee does need at least 16gb of ram.

But don’t buy a new pc or laptop. If that’s the only purpose. You can get a vps with 16gb of ram and ssd plus super powerful processor for under 20$ per month. You’ll be able to control it with your old ass i3 4gb ram laptop

Excellent!! thank you for the input Bruce!!

Any recommendation on VPS company?

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I use (3Eur cheaper on German website) but it was challenging to set up. Price is amazing tho.

Otherwise hetzner is very popular here.

You’ll need to install the windows yourself but it’s quiet easy

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Well depends on how many instances you run, I have a server with 6gb and that’s more than enough for 10 accounts

Thank you for the insight Bruce!

I am thinking of running 100 accounts to begin with so i guess 16 is min required?

What you need is RAM not good CPU, I have connects running 500 accounts on 16gb using 10gb :wink:
It’s all about your settings on each account.
I don’t know if you’re experience with managing account but if you’re new start low, 15/20 accounts than scale it up babyyy

server advice:

go for a hetzner server, about 35 euro,enough for 350 accs. goto for there min 9k cpu speed, ssd and ajctions only.

BUT, if you haven run mlre thrn 50 accs at once. dont start with 500 directly. you will screw yourself and flush $$$ inseco ds if you make some mistakes:)




wow that’s what it was!! thank you so much!!!

Thank you very much Danny!! for the advice! I was thinking of getting Raw mobile proxies from Henrycooper and put 10 accounts / proxy and run 500 accounts at once.
not a good idea I suppose?

Well I haven’t tested it but according to the buyer guidelines from
I would not advise to buy from them though as there are many providers that provide better value for the money.

How much experience you have?

If not that much, then start with 20, then test stuff. No issues? Add 100. No issues? add 200.

But you will get issues;) But thats fine. If you want the easy way, go for a job. If you want the fail, try,fail,test,learn, fail, BIG succes way, go for IG;) The rewards of never give up are insane!


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Of course it depends. 10 accounts - 4gb is enough as well. You could push 4gb to 25 acc too. 6gb even more.

I’m referring to 16gb for maximum capability which is 250-300 accounts per Jarvee. Then you’ll need another software. I’m currently testing if this can actually handle 300 accounts and if so, it will be a superb option. Upgrading to 32gb or ram is significantly more expensive.

16gb for 100 is running at 30-40% capacity for me.

Heztner has a very good rep, but I found this amazing German provider with 16gb ram and is a bargain. If it could manage 300 accounts, then I’m happy. I think you said 300+ Jarvee starts to be buggy?

Are you referring to mistakes only here or is there something else at play? Like verifying/activating too many at the same time? I try to use delayed feature, that seems to help. Or am I missing something else?

Haha. Just fucked up 10 acc due to posting issue, luckily I didn’t apply for another 50 :smiley: Oh well, rinse and repeat.

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Sorry to disturb but does Jarvee have plan to support 500+ account on same computer?

Yes it does if you contact their support they can offer you some custom plans

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Thanks for the information, I was not aware of that, since I don’t run 150+ accounts.

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Thank you Danny for the considerate advice!! you rock!

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