Ideas for how to promote Insta with Pinterest

I was interested in any good ideas/advice for using Pinterest to promote Instagram (I’ve searched around on here and couldn’t find much).

Thanks in advance

Not an expert of Pinterest but I’d maybe put the instagram link on your Pinterest profile, Pin your IG images to Pinterest with nice descriptions anc CTA like “Follow my Instagram account for more” or something like that.

Good luck.


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Pinterest is more like a search engine than IG is, so you have to provide more helpful content to get in the algo, inspirational pics might do it too, but if you post a recipe or something in your IG caption then pin it to pinterest it might work to get some traction, but Im not sure what pinterest thinks about posts from IG since I dont see many when Im scrolling pinterest.

I did buy a couple of Pinterest ads to promote an IG giveaway I was doing and they did okay, but I used a different image that I created just for pinterest and then had the IG post as the link. Images that work on Pinterest are very different than what works on IG so that’s why I did that.