Ideas how to increase ER on babes pages?

I got many babes accounts with 20k+ followers
ER is around 6% on each
low reach on story - around 1k, I do S4S to bring more traffic.
I Dont upload anymore posts, only IGTV which gets me 2k-10k views per video , I do use hashtags.
Any more ideas how to increase more traffic without risking my accounts?
Tried bring traffic from tiktok but it doesnt really work, people stay on TikTok and most of the sexy dancing girls cant be uploaded to tiktok.
Tried to bring traffic from YT, sexy girls and SEO works good there but accounts shut down after few days, its not stable
Dont use any bots.



S4S is why you have low reach on story, no one wants to see constant accounts being shown

Post at least once a day

You’re neglecting the very basics of growing the account organically I think you should build it from the ground up with activity before you choose to pay for anything growth related

I post 1IGTV a day with hashtags, no boring post or boring short video

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Post hot babes? I thought that was a given… (just joking). But try asking questions and post photos with 2 people in it and ask stuff like “Who would you choose?”

I’m no expert on getting attention from horny dudes on Instagram, my photos are too tame, but it seems pretty easy with a generalist approach when posting girls in sexy clothing or none at all.

asking for rating getting 100 comments+ on each IGTV already

I am no IG expert, but I do follow some great women… one thing I notice is they all seem to be doing multiple photos in the same post, so that the people have to swipe or clock to see the next one. Don’t know if it really helps with engagement or not, but when I see numerous ones doing it, I take note of it.

they do it so once user sees their post on feed one time they will see 1 picutre, user might skip it, but instagram will show you the same post again with the second image and if you skip it again it will stop, if you like or do any action it will show more of her content