Ideas how to make money from tik tok adults page?


its ppc on tik tok, not link on bio/ dm like we used to have to IG
How can regular account post links there?


do content locker on tik tok those tend to work the best on younger audience


That I don’t know


Same goes for instagram! Funny how instagram allows soft porn videos when they are lots of 13 - 18 years old on their platform !

And To OP try to do CPA offers (not adult stuff) .


Are you sure you saw non sponsored ones ? Is it a feature for only verified account ?


You’re going to promote adult offers, on a mainly children’s platform?

Everyone isn’t cut out to be internet marketers.


Now I have doubts but the original question was ya could not put links on posts. Yes you can put links on. I’m not on that much over there yet so can’t back that part up. Yet