Ideas how to make money from tik tok adults page?


Dont ask how, dont ask why.
Adults page, sexy girls dancing - shit a lot of traffic.
Ideas how to make money from that? Cant send links on DM
Any suggestion will be great.

Any bot around for this crap may be?


Sorry cannot give you tips on adult content, I’m sure you will find plenty info on the web. Good Luck.!


sorry but my wife doesn’t want me to help you


The majority of users are under 18 from what I understand. Don’t think that’s a good idea





:policeman: :police_car:


Put the links in description of your videos, if they are viral then you will get traffic


did u even use tik tok?
U cant put any links


my mom said i am not allowed to read post like this


Watermark your videos with custom url and then redirect that url to cam/dating offer.


did you know that the majority of tiktok audience are kids? and you want to share adult content ?


no guys let’s avoid posting adult content on a children’s platform …


where there are naked college girls dancing, there can be adults and money made
but keep using Istagram, im sure you doing good with JV


you can put in links


adult page on tiktok? if you do this and in usa or a western country – ya ass going to prison. These are heavly monitored by law enforcement – You can’t even wear swimsuits on tiktok… just my 2 cents worth


I think the guys above give you very good answer, you should listen to them :slight_smile:


Idk guys, Instagram is also used by kids.


lol, been doing it for few months already and im just fine
where can I put links? No where, use the app first.


Seen many links on there. Mostly to download games and apps


there is download link and I seen many non sponsored one’s to. Btw got a few accounts on TikTok so I do use ir