If automatation dies , we have to find new strategies

If we want to continue on business we have to offer new/different ways to offer our client so engage. Wich strategies do you have to propose ?

I have one, what do you think about Gifs fro instsgram. Offer our clients a way to have there own gifs with the logo, brand etc.

Please explain more. Not understanding.

You know what gif are right ?
Am have you seen does gifs that some celebrities has and you can used when you make an instagram story?

So the same, but create gif for business using the logo, can be gif the owner , influencers etc

So is a good way for people to Interact with te brand.

do you mean the custom filters?

Ok. Thanks. Good one.

Are You really serious? you want to run a business creating gifs? And how you plan to sell them? And who in this planet would buy one when you have them for free everywhere.


exactly my thoughts :joy:


Was wondering about the same too because there are websites to create GIFs from videos in a split second for free.

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Run IG ads for businesses?

Act the middle man connecting micro-influencers and brands?

Def not make GIFs lol

Maybe i didn’t explain my selve well. When I mean gifs, I mean giphy from Instagram.

If any of you know somethink about IG. The “market”(Option) of giphy is closed, so if you want to put you own giphy to be available to any user of IG, is difficult. You can use your own with apps, but for example if you are a brand, and you create your own, and you want that your followers or any user start using it , for example when they buy your stuff and mention you on a story your using you giphy,
Also if you want to promote with influencers , and want that they make and story and use your logo giphy , the permissions that you need to do that are dificults.

So is not that easy