If I do this will I be able to access Instagram?

Ok so I recently got my IP banned from Instagram for “impersonation” when in reality I didn’t nothing anyways i have a iPhone 6 so if I get a iPhone 8 or 9 and make a whole new apple account and everything can I log into my accounts on Instagram and no have a problem?

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How do you know you got your IP banned on Instagram?

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Your IP will change on your phone so not sure why you think your IP is banned. Just turn it off and back on or put in airplane mode then back then you will have new ip.

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In order to get rid of an IP ban, you need to buy the iPhone XS. Once you have the new phone setup, you toss the old phone as far up into the air as you can, and try to catch it as low as you can.

You’ll get around the ban faster if you do it blindfolded.


Also if you throw both phones up in the air and they hit in mid air it releases a shock wave through the space time continuum and you are now able to not get banned on IG on those 2 phones. Those 2 phones are now invincible.


That explains this bubble I’m living in, thanks guys!


And, is it me only that I’m not able to understand his question?

Hy I am not a 100 % sure what you mean with:

Do you mean you got a mail and the mail says something like “accont banned for impersonation” and now you can’t login anymore?

ig shouldn’t track that much stuff

I laughed so hard reading this…

Yes exactly that and I googled what it meant and it said that my IP got banned.

From what you ve written i dont think your IP is banned but your account is disabled. Trying to log in from another device wont work (because it’s still the same acount) but you can try to reactivate your account. Good Luck