If I only do f/uf, is that spammy in IG's eyes?

So far I have only done f/uf, but with the recent changes, I have heard from here and there that it is advised to do liking and story viewing, as it makes the client’s account look less spammy in IG’S eyes. What’s your take on this? If you do other actions than f/uf, how many you take a day of each?

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Anything can be seen as spammy if done wrong.
If you are f/uf lots of people that are not interested in your content then your spamming them. But if you post some nice content and have some high quality sources then you will not only get better results but you will also have less chances of getting banned.


It makes sense, but I dont think it makes any difference.
I had around 40 accounts with f/u/like/story viewing and all got banned in 2 waves. Only 7-8 of them lived for more than a month.


how old were those accounts?

All of them were from Valar. So older than 1 year.
All of them were in free followers niche.


That’s horrible to hear what were going on with your accounts.
Least thing want to see as being a Instagram Marketer.

Yeah. Im not really an Instagram Marketer yet, just trying things out.
You also doing cpa ?


Agreed, and the more you keep up the same patterns of any kind the more it becomes something they track. So always try to be as random as you can, no matter what you do.

Problem could be here.

Another red flag.


Just don’t do more than 70-80 follows a day, and unfollow non-follow backs after 3 days. Then you should be safe.

Well yeah… that’s really low settings and you probably won’t get many results if those are the only actions you’re doing.

Edit: Would be useful for warming up the accounts.

Yes, but F/UF is not effective as it was anyway. I think it’s best to combine that, some good quality content, some reliable powerlike service (safer than buying followers) and regular engagement with the audience.

You have better source for buying accounts ?


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Go to the market place section and ask there :grinning:

No, I personally create my own accounts. Takes more time and is harder to scale, but that’s the only way you truly know the account is created properly and lacking footprints.

Well that sounds like awesome results !
Thats why I joind this forum, to get a bit more knowledge on the subject, but level 2 access is still just a dream for me for now.
I cant find ‘Marketplace’ section here, were you thinking on ‘Tools of the trade’ maybe ? Or its also level 2 thing


I agree. Created few of my own accounts, but it does goes more slowly with a lot more EV and PV.
And I dont have stable proxy solution yet + I am working from my laptop.


Please edit your post. You are in public part of forum.

Btw, has anyone tried this guy for accounts ?