If you ever lack of dedication

Look at how these hoes make themselves clowns and only has 66k followers (facepalm)

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But… its… art… :joy:

I don’t think that I understand the point of this post.

well i mean look what ppl do for 66k followers :wink: im personaly lack of dedication . the struggles gets me thinking if its even worth what im doing so after seeing people like this i get that feeling like ffs look at what people do for shit and im here wondering. Get your shit together. Maybe that’s just me though :wink:

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They will get banned soon for all that bobs n vegana pics.


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I’m sure that these girls have more fun doing their thing than you, when you’re judging them…

i bet . I will start playing guitar naked with my ballsack covered in leaves :wink: im low morals man but this makes me wonder what is this life… btw there’s kids on that platform and if you ever have kids youll know how easy it is to make influence to them . Like there’s not enough hookerish woman allready in the world :wink: imagine your douther … why dont they go webcam or smthn

yea but they dont. That’s why im fcking mad. Fb cares to ban my sht all the time though hoes dancing with bare tits not a problem cmon…

saw,be soon when they are banned…saw video on youtube…my first impression was I thought my goodness…something else is flat like the board…



i know what you mean my friend…

i was at the zoo, biggest gorilla exhibit in usa, its in nebraska and i looked at the wall… it sais marketing by so and so, so i looked at their page, marketer of the year 2010, 2012, 2014 and so for that state, so i click on her IG account… she has 234 followers… what if all the followers are just CEO of other companies? I see some of my CEO friends and they only have 100 friends total it all depends