If you get a PV on a brand new account, ditch it

This has happened to all of the new accounts that got PV’d

Each pic was getting ~150 likes per photo. After PV, they’re getting less than 20.
It seems like IG is limiting the reach of brand new accounts that go through PV

I can only speak for myself though, dunno if it has happened to any of you

at least you are not getting your new accounts banned after PV’d.

many of us are losing majority of our new or aged accounts (those less than 3 months) after PV

IMO getting significantly lower engagement than what it used to be is basically the same as getting banned bc it’s useless now

Not true IMO.

As long as IG is showing new accounts that we followed and liked them it’s still valuable.

That’s where I believe most of our traffic comes from anyway, people checking out our bio after we followed them…

Also I think after a certain amount of time the account gets un “ghost banned” and engagement picks up again, I remember reading a post about this too from @BrandonBerner

I can confirm this :smiley:

Accounts are usually ghosted for 1, 3, or 7 days. The ghost ban will only be lifted once you stop doing whatever you were doing to cause it. Usually lowering your daily posts, using less hashtags, and or using unique captions does the trick.