If you have an idea, I can build it for you

Hey guys, my problem is simple, I want to build something, but I don’t know what, I’m a computer science engineer, so I have the skills to build any/most of the ideas that require coding skills.

So if you already have a successful SaaS business running or you had some previous success in the SaaS business “and” have an idea already validated, I can build it for you for no money, the only condition is you teach me what you know about the SaaS industry and how did you find success.


whats that mean? :blush:

Haven’t you had a topic for that a couple of days ago?


This is his third, the previous two were nuked as spam.


Hello, yes, they deleted it because someone signaled the topic as a spam, I was asking for ideas to build products for “free” for the person posting or sending the idea. So I’m doing this one with a better choose of words and with more explanation.

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Do you think they were spam? Because if you do, you really don’t know what spam means.

Software as a service, but you if you already solved a problem that exists in the marketing industry, it’s ok too.

What software have you created previously?

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you need to search for a problem and think if you can solve it. How skilled you are? and what kind of development skills you have?

@GoldMan79 this post might interest you

How to get instagram accounts from specific country?

I haven’t hear of a scraping tool like this before but is not extramly complicated to build and if @ragnar81 is asking for it, then there got to be a need for it right?

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@Toh Thank you, just responded to this person. Let’s see if my response help him.

Are you interested in Instagram SaaS?
Both will be benefited
Pm me

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Take a look at indiehackers for inspiration. Also this got quite a few votes a few days ago in ProductHunt: idea-crunch. You might want to check it out.