If you want to laugh, read this 🤣


So, I was sent this stupid link and I literally haven’t laughed this hard in so long that I just had to share. You ready? Lol here it goes:


This is amazing.


Lmao right? I was literally dead when I read this. This guy is literally a legend.


I can literally relate to it too :joy:


@Mastema Hahahaha :joy::joy:


Eat more fiber :joy:


:joy: :joy: :joy::flushed: This guy knows to explain himself. I felt like I was witnessing the whole situation when reading this. I think women have an easier time giving birth :joy:


Right?! Lmao

Yo he is so graphic! Reading this is like you’re watching a movie :movie_camera: about his struggles taking a shit lmao


LOOL indeed :joy:
He could make loads of $$$ writing comic books


Nice one !

If we can keep a thread like " if you want to laugh", please guys,

take a look at this, PLEASE!


Thought this whole post was funny, but the situation is sad and pathetic as it’s likely bullshit, being ghosted/catfished/lied to on Tinder is shit. Link to discussion

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I used to work an office job, and my group of office friends and I would time our toilet sessions at the same time . We would message each other in our joint telegram group and take up 4/5 cubicles and wait for someone to come in, we would then all release at the same time whilst grunting/making weird sounds to startle/confuse the person as much as possible. One of our friends had a effed up gut, so he was always the shotgun dude.

The more I think about it, the weirder and wielder it sounds - But at the time it was the highlight of the working day and I would laugh about it even after work. We did this for 2 years and it was a building full of high-up executives.


hahaha once I took shit and it looked liked Nike sign


Hahahahah. Noo waay. :joy::joy:


Hahahaha wow wtf. The internet is truly amazing