IG account hacked - Little help needed

Hi guys,
I just tried to sell one IG account and the owner after i sent him the info tries to back out of payment.
I won’t go into details about the transaction,but i have acces to the email that was on the account and also the original email.
He activated two-factor.
I manage to revert his password change, and i changed the password but i can’t log because it asks for two factor code.
Anyway to bypass the code??

2fa for authentication app or text verification?

I got lucky,he isn’t a profesional scammer,i sold one account already like 1 week ago.
I think he just tried his luck.
He didint change the passwords to the emails,he just deleted the emails that he loged the account,change pass to the IG and added two-factor.
I could log the email, and checked trash and found all the emails deleted.
I reverted the last password change and changed the password.
Still it didint let me log the account.
Neighter me or him could log the acc since he didint even put new email on the account.
Eventualy he gave me the two-factor code,probably when he saw he has no chance to get the account.
Sold over 100 accounts and not a single scam attempt untill today.
My fault for accepting an eCheck payment from paypal which needs like 5 days to confirm.
Always money up front boys!


If you have original sign-up email you’ll recover the account back 100%

Most likely you have to contact support and just go through the regular recovery form but as long as you have that email and Instagram responds you’ll be fine

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Interesting stuff :smiley: I’m glad you got it back. “Learning is a Lifelong Process” :smiley:

& girls :wink: just want to point out that there actually are some girls like me also in this space hehe.
Also, great news that you got it back. Resilience is key in my personal experience!

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I even messaged FB and reported the acc hacked,funny they replied today and saw that two-factor was already disabled.I asked them to disable two-factor.

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How do you messaged FB? I am trying to contact FB too but couldn’t found a way…

When i tried to log the acc it asked for two-factor code.Bellow that was an option “try another way”,from there it sent me to complete a form.
that was it

Hi. Just saw your message. What happened afterwards? Have you received an email from Instagram? Have you recovered your account?

Yes,100% recoverable,but lately they are very slow to respond.

Do you know how I can get my accounts recovered?
It’s just endless Get Help Signing In or “suspicious activity” messages that I get.