IG account hijacking scheme

hii friends i get a weird message on DM from a weird account and i think its a new IG HIJACK SCHEME

this is the account name (i do some search and i see alots of similar accounts like this one)

and this is the messages he send to me…

Copyright | Support Center

Hello Dear User,

Your account violates our Copyright.

Complainant Company: Yunitec LTD.
©️ All Rights Reserved.

Your account will be deleted from copyright within 48 hours, will not be re-entered

If you think this is an error and do not want your account to be deleted. Go to the link I provided below and fill out the form.

Required Connection;

𝙁𝙤𝙧𝙢 : http://violationfbrules.atwebpages.com/

Copyright is very important to us. If necessary actions are not taken from our connection, you will be removed from our servers within 48 hours. Please do not change your password while your account is being examined

Support Account ID: #60696731942

(If the link is not clicked, reply to this message and try again, remove 2 factors from your account, then enter our site.)

©️ Facebook Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

hello instagram user account violated our terms please verify your account otherwise your account will be closed within 48 hours.
Instagram Community Guidelines Team

and after that he start talking whit me in my language
and side my account breaks the Instagram rules and i have 48 hours to verify it in the link he send

be careful !

This is not new,it has been there for a lot of time.


I just report those phishing accounts for impersonating @instagram

Thanks for sharing. I never receive such DM, just some phising emails. Does your account have a huge number of followers? Since they know your language, do you think they’ve been targeting your account for a long time?

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I didn’t have such experience, but very nice of you to share this with other forum user, so that they pay attention. :face_with_monocle:

@ossi my account have 25K
and i don’t think they are targeting me because its my first time getting this type of massage
and about the language i think they use Google translate

i hared today about a 50K IG that loses the account after do the verification from the same link
so be safe!

@hw711 yes im also reported about this account from a 7 accounts of my :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing @porianl

That’s probably a good account with a good engagement?