Ig account is always locked

Whether it is the ig account I purchased or the ig account I registered myself, a large number of accounts will die in a short period of time; I really don’t know what is the reason; I’m going crazy; Can anyone help me, I use it Is the proxy ip quality not good? Can someone recommend me a better and cheaper proxy? Any other considerations?

Are you running on a software or manually?

Some software runs automatically, some are manually operated, and some accounts do not perform any operations, but they all have the same result, most of them will be blocked in 3-5 days

You can try 4g agents, they are more expensive, but they should work fine for your goal. You can try proxy-seller guys

Is there a recommended 4G proxy? Cheaper is the best; thank you

Not sure about cheaper but check the #public-marketplace

What kind of proxies have you been using?
What actions per day?
Api or eb?

The data center proxy used before; it just automatically posts every day;

You should use a standard 4G or residential proxy. Also is your account logged in on a real phone or an emulator? Sometimes bad emulator also leads to account being locked

This might be proxy related