IG account keeps getting PV requests

This is now the their dime that I had to do a PV in about 2-3 weeks. Has anyone had something like this before? Perhaps cool off by not following others anymore for a bit?

There’s many threads in this forum talking about PV, pls use the search tool

http://mpsocial.com/t/instant-ban-after-phone-verification/1034?source_topic_id=9847 http://mpsocial.com/t/instagram-phone-verify-using-api-or-eb-ban/8360?source_topic_id=9847 http://mpsocial.com/t/phone-verification-leads-to-ban/7927?source_topic_id=9847 http://mpsocial.com/t/mass-phone-verification/3559?source_topic_id=9847 http://mpsocial.com/t/mass-phone-verification-problems-on-instagram/7377?source_topic_id=9847

Appreciate the examples but those are all different questions. I don’t get bulk PV’ed when activating 10 accounts at the same time or because of specific proxies. I just have one account that keeps getting PV’ed, not banned, even though I haven’t changed any of the settings. I keep re-activating it with the same number and it works but it’s annoying, so I’d rather look into how to not get PV’ed anymore in the future.

You can get a basic,“We saw strange activity, please verify” request type PV if:

Your proxy is in another city/country and you log in while it’s running.

You do actions manually while it’s running.

And a few others I am too tired to think about before a few cups of coffee hit my brain.

So please explain what is your setup. Is your proxy (if you use one), located in the same city/state as you? Are you constantly logging in and performing actions while it’s running?

I’ve used the same proxy throughout. I have never logged in manually other than when I first set it up but had no problem then. I recently changed the phone number but didn’t get a PV then either. Phone number and proxy are both US though.

What are your settings?

they’re a bit more aggressive but still in the green zone as per @BrandonBerner suggestions. That alone shouldn’t be the problem as I have other accounts with the exact same settings and no problem. My guess is that something, whatever it is, tipped me into a flagged area and since then I have been getting PVs a few times. So my question is whether other people have had this happen as well and solved it by basically reducing their settings (and if so, for how long)? And whether that has maybe solved the problem.

I don;t know what kind of account you have, but it might be getting flagged by being reported as spammy.

I have a very clean account, not using any CPA or what. Don’t offer shoutouts or message people. I know I have a very good account with amazing content (even got a message from someone after my first PV because they were scared the account was gone). That being said, there is always a chance in coming across as spammy if you like/follow strangers on IG. Could be that, I guess there is no real answer.

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Same here. For me, its every week and the speed of my accounts are so slow its shameful yet I keep getting PV :confused:

To me is everyday and after pv sometimes it get disabled and the settings are in the green line whereas it used to be definetely more aggressive in the past