Ig account proxies&mobile phone

Hey guys I have few question that I hope someone can answer:

  1. If I have 4 IG account and I want upload pics/vids using 1 mobile phone only. Is it safe enough if I use turn on/off airplane mode method and does it affect trust level of my IG account?
  2. How If I run My account on Optimation tool with 4g proxies from US while my residence is UK, and I logging in the account (uploading pics) through my mobile phone, will it be a trouble?

Would really appreciate it.

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You don’t need to do the airplane method. Your accounts “trust score” has already been determined since you use 4 of them on the same phone/app.

I am curious to know what 4G U.S. proxies you use when there are options for UK proxies. U.S. 4G are very expensive.

And no, you will be fine uploading. I would recommend (I assume you use JARVEE) using the monitor folder option in a campaign and just upload that way if you are really worried.

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Every thing contribute to the trust score, us proxy can works, uk would be better.
Your 4 account are linked toghether now. Phone uploading is good, better than any automation software.

Yes, uploading up to five accounts from your phone is good

Yeah as mentioned 4 accounts on your phone is fine, but avoid going above 5